I dreamt a dream!: Idol Criminals, I’ll call!

Sometimes, my stories are from my dreams. There are times when i don’t know if im still dreaming in that part ’cause, it seems to follow what i want to happen. Like, when i woke up and try to sleep again, it continues. Like a commercial or something?

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Dreams… Wait. Aliens?

I had a dream.. Something like, Oh fudge i forgot. -_-

Well what i remember is i have my cousin there.. We went to a cosplay event.. then there’s a booth where, it says that everyone should be cosplaying, so it snatched both of us then dressed us up. It was kinda messed up ’cause they dressed me up as Kanda Yuu, and my cousin as Lenalee, both from D.Gray-man, it’s weird ’cause my cousin is a boy and well.. -_-
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Summer…? Summer… Sch-NO! (/゚Д゚)/

YA-KU-SHI-MAA!!! WHOO!! GUESS WHO’S BACK!!! Ahaha! So who knows from where Yakushima is? xD

Anyway, the title, that’s just a random title cuz i can’t think of any.. =__=’

So there you go~ I haven’t been online for.. days.. a week, i think. It’s because of Persona!! xD I’ve been busy playing P3P, and I’m almost done, I’m just preparing to face Nyx. And because of too much playing Persona, i sometimes confuse it with reality.. I mean, it’s summer, and it’s winter in Persona… (;一_一) And, because of Persona.. my earliest time of sleeping is 2 in the morning… Tahaha! Is that not something to be proud of? xD

While playing Persona, I’ve realized i’ve wasted so much time of my vacation.. =__= Playing Persona made me realize vacation is so short, like how your days pass….. =______= Even my brother said “It’s April…. Classes will start soon..” Now that’s a bit exaggerated, but.. I thought of that too.. xD

Anyway, i haven’t been updating this blog since.. February?! Ahahaha~ I’m really sorry~!  (・_・;) orz

Alright, so here’s an update..
Remember the visual novel that i said on some post? It’s gone. Yes! I’m stuck. I got bored of it. Just like what happens in my every story. But i’ll prolly continue it if ever i’m really bored to the point of typing my current situation on a wordpad.

I actually have plans for the summer but, once again, i’m too lazy to do it. Like, first, i planned on downloading full episodes of an anime and burning it to a disk and watch it on tv, i think i planned to do 3 anime? But all of it.. I lost hope since the laptop can’t function properly and-UGH! Alright, nevermind……

So, this summer, after i finish Persona 3, maybe i’ll just update this blog and post randomly everyday but of course i won’t be able to do it because of laziness. But i promise, i won’t drop this blog. I won’t leave this. Well, maybe you can’t see some of my posts because.. TeeHee (ノ)´∀`(ヾ)

Summer, when you search for anime summer, all you’ll ever find is girls on the beach, if not boys. (;一_一) Summer is about beaches.. is that what all about summer is?

Soo, i think that”s all for the last month’s update.. Or the latest update.

Summer vacation has come…


There You Go!!

Kazuchi ( ̄□ ̄;)


Let’s talk about this manga..

This manga called HAL. It’s a new one, actually, and i kinda liked it. I think it’s only available there, but i haven’t checked in mangafox yet. Or others.

So, it’s about a death god who gave the main character three wishes to erase those she wish to never exist.

When there is darkness in your heart, when you want someone to disappear, he will find you and grant your wish… Shizuku is used to being the best at everything, but when a transfer student comes to steal her spotlight, she is overcome with jealousy. Hal, a death god, offers her a bargain–he’ll kill three people for her–and by kill, he means he’ll make it so they never existed. All she has to do is say the word. But when Shizuku gives in to temptation, there will be consequences…

There. You see that?

I’ve read the first chapter and it was good, i like those type of mangas ¬˾¬
And HAL was cute too! ( >.<) And the eyes’ of the character.. Ohh i wish i could draw eyes like that =__= And those -mad- expressions.. ohhh~ …I’m acting like HAL..x)

So anyway, i decided to read it ’cause i was curious. Because, y’know, there are some people who i wish they just never existed too.. Or just not near me, or i don’t know them orr….. gosh that was really evil -___-

But, hey, admit it, you have that kind of feeling too, right? Or wish, or desire.

Sometimes, you want things to go your way, what you want them to. But life’s not like that, if you force it to be, like wishing to erase someone, it has a consequence. Everything has a price. Just like Fullmetal Alchemist: “Human kind cannot obtain anything without first giving something in return. To obtain, something of equal value must be lost.”

See now? Be happy in what your life is now. Life is happy. Life is Happy… Life.. is.. Happy… ≖_≖

Ohoho~ The right one is Life is Beautiful! LOL. Try listening to it, Life is Beautiful by Kagamine Len & GUMI Megpoid.

Be happy people! Life is short!


Hey, how did this topic came to… life? =_=

You know that feeling when you finally beat your brother? ( ´∀`)


I mean, we argued about our turns for the work tonight. He ordered me to rinse the dishes, i told him why? Then he said there’s no water left in the water dispenser(his rules -_-) then i checked it and said “there’s still some!” he said “Hah, like that can make a bottle full!” then i said “sure it can!” and started putting water on the bottle container and keep on going like ‘please, please keep going! please! .. almost there, almost there! come on baby you can do it! >.<‘ then he said “make sure it really make the bottle full..” and then it reached the top!!!  “i mean really full..” “WAHAHAHA!! IT’S FULL! IT’S FULL!!! WAHAHAHA!! ….. Don’t be such a lazy-ass.”

LOLOLOL I BEAT HIM. ¬˾¬ Hey, it’s not like this is the first time, but… yeah.. i guess this is a first. No i mean, on my own! HAHAHA~ YEAH!

LOL. So that’s all. ‘Cause lately he’s being bossy. No, he really IS bossy. (* ̄m ̄) That’s why i act sarcastic towards him sometimes. But when he gets mad for not doing what he wants, here’s what i do, not a tip, but what i do.

Do what he wants! With EXTRA Effort!

He wants you to sweep the whole house, sweep it!

He wants you to get a tissue when he’s already inside the bathroom, get him one!

He asks you to throw the slippers upstairs because he forgets it, throw it. Hard! 

He wants you to take a look at his style, look at it and say what he wants to hear, in other words, “It looks good on you, bro!” even if it doesn’t!

He wants you to do his work, argue! And don’t lose!

Kick him in the butt, HARD. Virtually.. (-_-; )

There. Rage subsided. EXP UP!( ̄ー ̄)

Brother problems? It’s normal, older ones in particular. Oh, even younger ones. I don’t know how that works, but i want a younger brother! ( >y<)

So anyway, that is all..


Kazuchi ( ̄□ ̄;)

Sword of the Stranger: Before Being the Death Master – 2.10.13

Soo, thought of a new story :iconimhappyplz: i really like that guy whose always with Luo Lang in the movie. His name is Feng Wu? I always thought it’s Weng Fu -__- it’s confusing.. So the title says ‘Before Death Master’, it only means the story here is Yue or Bana’s past before being the prince’s warrior.

So Yue’s name will be Xi Xio. A random Chinese name.. I tried thinking of another and searched but nothing sounds.. y’know x) Only found one name but the story almost finished when i remember to search for another, Ni Zhou, is it? The whole story happened in the past but the.. what do you call them? The Chinese Ming Dynasty? is there already, but they’re not chasing Kotaro yet. Yet.

So here’s the story:
One day, Wu is walking with Lang when they heard clashing of swords/weapons. Then they saw Xio. Then Itadori explained that she is a beginner and was training under him(she was just a child). Then they just ignored her, then Wu heard an argument between a child’s voice and a guard, so when he checked on it, he saw Xio again. He asked the guard what she wants, then she stomped on Wu’s foot and stormed off. Wu asked about her, the guard explained that she’s a thief captured by Itadori, she’s accustomed to fighting and Itadori sees this so he kept her under him. Then another day~ Wu visits Itadori and sees Xio training with him, he tried Xio’s ‘accustomed’ ability and wins. Wu wins. Then a lot happened and Itadori saw that they both get along with each other, and they denied, Itadori says that Xio will be training under him from then on. Then they made a bet, and Xio looses so she had to call him nii-san or older brother, just a tease. Then 5 years later, Xio wants to be a warrior, or she wants to join the war, however, Wu doesn’t approve of this as she is still a child and a girl. They settle this in a fight and talked at the same time, Xio looses her temper and said that she can take care of herself and stand on her own. So then, she became a warrior, but is far from Wu, they have not been talking to each other for a while. Not long after, the leader of the Ming group, Master Bai-Luan, noticed Xio’s ability and gave her the drug they use. Wu noticed this and asked her what did the master gave her, she told him he doesn’t care and went straight to battle. In that battle, Wu was in danger for a moment, and Xio is cornered but she want to save him, she almost decided to take the drug but did not and saved him. After that Wu said that she showed him that she can now stand on herself and doesn’t need his help anymore, Xio was relieved. 2 years later, the time when Kotaro is pursued by the Ming swordsmen, at the final battle where Wu is killed by Nanashi, or something.. he was looking for his sword, right? Then it was already jabbed in his nape? He died when he reached for Luo Lang, then enters Xio! And also Master Bai-Luan, they can have their own moment there.. -__- So she called for Wu and cried but Wu is already dead. There. End of Story!

Then she went back to being a thief since all of her comrades are dead. That’s the time when she steals at the Hyacinth Palace and became the prince’s warrior. So it’s like.. i inserted this story along the way… yeah. (・。・;)
(See Death Master for details>>)

So main topic is.. Feng Wu! Just look at him! :iconiloveitplz:

“And hey, where would any self-respecting anime be without the requisite Ambigious Bishounen, that boyish character that has people staring at the screen in an attempt to figure out if that’s really a guy.”

Chinese (Pinyin): Feng-wu
Japanese (Romaji): Fuu-go (hiragana ふうご)
Feng-wu is a young Ming warrior who fights with double broadswords. A subordinate of Bai-luan, he keeps a pet falcon to deliver coded messages (coloured pieces of cloth) between his companions. His respect for Luo-lang is so great that it’s closer to adoration.


“Alas, like everyone else in this movie, he doesn’t exactly have a good end.”


So here i am now, telling you to watch Sword of the Stranger if you still haven’t watch it. It’s awesome. Even though it has a lot of violence and blood, don’t care, it’s really awesome, epic. It’s kinda like.. Rurouni Kenshin? The Live Action one! >▽< Watch it. Don’t read this, watch it. ಠ_ಠ

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Pic Sources: Unknown.. x)

You know that feeling when someone is crying in front of you?

Yeah, that’s exactly the topic :/

So last Sunday, we went to church, after a really long time ( ̄ェ ̄;) And there was always this part where someone speaks about their past, how they survived life with God’s guidance. We are proud Christians ≖‿≖

And there’s always a tendency, or most of the time, they become emotional while speaking. ‘Cause mostly, what they talk about is a tragic past, cancer, how they survived a disease, or how they got back on their path from being misguided.

So the speaker last Sunday, was a past gay prostitute. Hey, it’s not funny, his story was even amazing. So from what  i remember.. it’s okay to share this, right? Since he already shared it with us at church.. RIGHT?
Alright, going back, he was umm.. molested?(raped) By his father when he was a kid, so he grew up being a.. something. He was then kicked out from his family, he wandered everywhere and was picked up by foreigners, that’s the time he became a gay prostitute. Then one time, he started doubting himself, or.. wondering if what he was doing is what he wanted or something. He tried to stop, but then he eventually went back to using drugs and some bad habits, now as a man. Then he met a guy who was the same as him, bisexual? They got together. They lasted for a year, i think. Then his boyfriend doubted their relationship. He went to his friend and asked for advice. His friend encouraged him to a bible study, or something involving God. Then the speaker, the man we’re talking about before his boyfriend, doubted him, so he asked him. Then the boyfriend was then involved in the study, met God and built a stronger bond. That’s how he went back to his path.

Amazing isn’t it! It’s even more amazing if you actually hear it from him than me! :D

Well, the thing is, in the middle of telling his story, the part where his father is dying and he wished for his son to change? Oh wait. I didn’t put that in there, right? :/
____- Oh well~ So, he started crying. At first he was holding it back, cutting his words when he almost cried. Then he finally cried.. and no one is coming up there, to pat his back or to comfort him! And i was like, ‘Can someone go there and comfort him?!’ duh, of course i didn’t say it out loud -_- it’s not like i have the guts to say it. So yeah, i got the urge to go up there and pat his back. But i realized, maybe the reason why no one does that is because they believe he can do it. He can finish what he started. I always thought, how brave they are of sharing their experiences. Well, they have God. He’s the reason for their bravery. They have him, we ALL have him. We can do everything when He is on our side. Maybe one day i’ll also be brave enough to do something i can’t. :)

All you need is FAITH! TRUST!  And PIXIE DUST! v( ̄m ̄v )

Kudos to your bravery, my friend! ^o^