Acquaintance PARTY!! >0<

Okay so it’s our acquaintance day and we arrived earlier than everyone else. Then i started taking pictures and thought why not just record a video? and yeah. So here are they! :D Others are blury so sorry, i only have my phone with me, i forgot the camera x(

It’s my friend x) playing tetris while waiting.

Our principal making a speech -_____-

Trisha Miranda of 3rd year Faith singing Payphone by Maroon 5 with guitarist Datu. Sorry it’s blury :/Sample

4th year students(Jammie and Shanyl) singing Count on me by Bruno Mars


And here are the videos! :D

Grade 7 Performance

Grade 7 Performance part 2!! – everyone was like ‘go boko!’ then i was like ‘who’s that?’ O_o

II Truth Performance!! – that’s our section!!

II Truth Performance2!!

III Faith Performance

IV Wisdom 2012 Performance!!

Teachers dancing – our principal is dancing..


Well, that’s all. And i want to thank my classmates who brought food for me x) Thanks y’all!

And Thanks everyone for today! ^^ It was a mix of having fun and feeling bored..

EDIT: The videos might not be visible yet so.. i’ll fix it later on… =____=


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